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Welcome to the GSA Sales!
  Proudly servicing the electrical and electronics marketplace in the Mid - Atlantic territory

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About GSA Sales, Inc.

GSA Sales has been an Industrial and Electronics manufacturers representative since 1970. GSA Sales was formerly named PSA and was acquired by GSA (Grimm Siegel Associates) in 1999. Our corporate office is located in Oakdale, NY and our sales office is located in Feasterville, PA.

A founding member of PSA, Rick Peterson is the VP of the PA office.  GSA Sales has 4 outside sales people and 1 inside sales person. Our company is a member of ERA and Mana. We specialize in specifying and selling components. Our territory includes Eastern PA, Southern New Jersey and Delaware. Our office is located in Bucks County PA a suburb of Philadelphia. 

It is GSA’s objective to answer technical questions on the first phone call from a customer.  Our highly trained inside technical staff completes the full service aspect of the firm by providing immediate technical assistance to our mutual customers.

The decision to add or drop a line is based on its future earning potential and synergy of our present line structure.  Our strategy is to maintain principals which have the potential in the first 3-5 years to provide 10% or more of our income.  We do not seek status: We are far more concerned with practicality.



GSA Sales, Inc.
1030 Mill Creek Dr., Feasterville, PA 19053
Phone: (215)-355-4600 * Fax: (215)-335-3315
Email: cfranklin@gsarepsales.com 

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