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GSA Sales, Inc. Joins the TopFlite Sales Team
January 2024 - TopFlite Components announced today the new addition of GSA as our sales representative for the northeastern region supporting New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine. Founded in 1964, GSA brings over 60 years of experience and support in the electrical and electromechanical marketplace. GSA will support TopFlite Components product introduction, new quotes, orders, and design assistance.
ERA: NY Chapter - Donates to Long Island Cares
2023: The NY ERA chapter donates $3500 to Long Island Cares, a major food bank on Long Island.
Agency Sales Magazine: "Speed is My Secret Method" by John Beaver

MANA Organization

"Speed is one of the most critical competitive advantages in our rapid-paced world of sales. Speed and
sales are tightly linked in the world of manufacturers’ representatives."

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Manufacturing Today Magazine: "Proactive Representation" 

Having enjoyed consistent growth since its formation in the 1960s, GSA proudly represents world-class manufacturers in the electrical and electronics industries, from obstruction lights on high structures such as light houses, to the IoT (Internet of Things)

"So, Tell Me Again Why Am I Writing This Large Check to a Manufacturers’ Representative?" by John Beaver

Words that should never be spoken by the president, CFO, national sales manager, VP of sales, owner or decision-maker from one of a rep’s top-paying lines.

ERA: NY Chapter - Giving to Long Island Cares

2019: The annual NY / NJ chapter of ERA held its annual golf outing at St. George's golf course in East Setauket, NY.  On behalf of Long Island Veterans, the NY ERA chapter was able to give a $5K check to Long Island Cares, the major food bank on Long Island.

MANA: March 2019 - "Being a Good Soldier" by John Beaver

You have another new regional or national sales manager — and the person is a rep’s worst nightmare. Whether it’s your largest line or a basic bread and butter line, what should you do?

MANA: "If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” by John Beaver

How do you prepare to consistently execute a good plan now in your manufacturers’ representative firm?

By studying past problems and challenges and having a response ready when those problems and challenges recur.

MANA: Hands Across the Water

If manufacturers’ representative associations like MANA are a good idea, why aren’t there organizations similar to MANA across the globe?

MANA: November 2017 "Fish Got to Swim and Birds Got to Fly" by John Beaver

Benefits of MANA Membership - by John Beaver

MANA: Feb 2017 - Preparation is Essential by John Beaver

"Preparation is Essential" - Editorial by John Beaver

Fall 2016: Wholesale Distributors Magazine

"Bringing it Home: The GSA organization's proactive approach to representing manufacturer's products has led to regional and market growth"

Fall 2016: MANA Article

"The Carrot is Mightier than the Stick" - John Beaver

Fall 2016: MANA Board

MANA Board Thanks Outgoing MANA Chair Ken McGregor, Elects John Beaver Chair Effective May 1, 2016

Summer 2013: ERA Representator Magazine

"Someone you Should Know" - John Beaver

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